Supply Chain Management Improvement Proposal Essay

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Supply Chain Management Improvement Proposal
The U.S. military has a unique and complex supply system or supply chain process. Each military branch has their own supply chain process with different vendors, budget codes, acquisition costs and procurement codes and different accountability procedures throughout the life cycle of the equipment or item. The Army a system that took most of the stress out of the supply process. Yes, the system was complexed, but the process concerning the life cycle of the equipment was pretty simple. Not only does the Air Force have the most complexed supply chain system, but it also has the most complexed supply process in aspects of procurement, inventory and accountability as well as the information, finance and product flow. With improving these aspects it would make the AF supply chain management work more efficiently.
There are three supply chain management flows: Informational, financial, and the product or service. For each supply flow there will be a seeable problem and a way to improve the process. By tweaking or modifying these three flows will reduce stress by streamlining the process to become more efficient and reducing the total cost.
The information flow is based on the information and the time it takes to resolve an issue. Time efficiency is critical to any business, especially to the Air Force, in which to be able to complete the mission, the equipment must be serviceable and on hand. These sections are equipment, customer…

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