Superstition Essay

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When a situation is vague or risky, some people find it comforting to make a routine to give them a sense of security and greater control. This routine has the potential to develop into a ritualistic practice that fluctuates depending on the results. Although some would not admit it, the games of sports have deep roots in the realm of superstitions. It is a game of chance in which players have little control over the outcome of their hard work and fans have an even more reduced role in the result. In normal, daily situations, I do not consider myself a superstitious person. Yet, when I'm watching my favorite sport (basketball) I do find myself engaging in illogical activities. These rituals take control of me and I find myself replicating …show more content…
As weird as it may sound I hopped on the floor did three pushups, hopped back up and paced in a circle three times. I think I believed I performed each movement in threes because of the hopes of the Bulls winning three straight championships. As I finished my third lap around my living room something remarkable happened, Karl Malone got the ball in the post and Jordan came from his blind side and stripped the ball from him. Jordan came down the court with 10 seconds to go and one thing on his mind, winning the game. Michael was being guarded by Byron Russell. Mike dribbled right then left with an unbelievable crossover (maybe a little push off, sorry Byron) that left him all alone at the top of the key. Michael rose up and with one of the most iconic moments and sports history drains the basket to put the Bulls up by one point. Utah called a time out with five seconds to go and ran a play to Stockton for three and he bricked the shot off the front rim. After that I couldn’t hold my composure I darted outside screaming “The Bulls won, The Bulls won” until my father quickly told me to get my tail back in the house.
There are things in life that we cannot control, no matter how hard we try. Rituals and superstitions are a way of amplifying our control while creating a comfort zone. Luck comes along once in a while causing people to become aware of the circumstances it shows up under. Routines provide people with a chance to influence destiny and embrace luck. I knew

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