Superpower Police Research Paper

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Introduction and Thesis
For the past century, since its entry into the first World War in 1917, the United States has periodically intervened militarily in other nations because there is no democratically elected supranational government to police the world, the default principle guiding thinking about military intervention has been national sovereignty, or self-determination. Countries should not interfere in the affairs of other countries. However, few have believed that this principle should be absolute. United States has many involvements in international relations that earned it reputation of being the policemen of the world. Because of the world police force military actions or missions in war or conflict has torn areas across the world
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presidency and power
• The War between Iraq and United States Allies to destroy Iraq’s development of weapons of mass destructions
• The Civil war in Somalia in 1991 United Nations Peacekeeping forces and United States military involved to maintain peace during the Somalia civil war.
During the empowerment of the U.S. Presidency and power, States started regulating immigrations once they won the Independence from Great Britain this law have since reflected the politics migrant flow during the early legislation that the Europeans tend to impose limits. However, in 1965 they open doors to immigrate around the world, that also focus more on several recent war that cause relief in other nationalities such as Chinese and Haitians. The United States of Constitution did empower the wages of war that the President had to do as a commander in chief, while congress had to declare war and authorizes the hostilities at any level for them, the President ordered the United States Troops to fight. Many countries attacked and congress had the ability initiate military force in combat situation. President Bush President demonstrated greater power for the wages war since the ending of World War II since other expected established presidential power during war time at U.S Supreme Court in
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The United States redefined its foreign policy on international relations after the WWII. Whether everyone agrees with this involvement or not, the US in now forced to make key decisions on its involvement in international affairs as opposed to the isolation strategy that was in place during the WWI. The postwar world environment, in which the United States played a leading role, would change with the triumph of urban industry and finance, expanded education and information systems, advanced military technology, and leadership by internationalists. A few leaders would rise to speak of a return to America 's traditional policies of nonintervention, but in reality, traditional American isolationism was obsolete.

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