`` Super Toys Last All Summer Long, ' Artificial Intelligence

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Modern science-fiction films vividly illustrate modern social issues and current attitudes toward the future. Based on the short story “Super Toys Last All Summer Long,” “Artificial Intelligence” takes place in the end of the 21st century at the United States of America. Spielberg 's film raises many questions: foremost among them, what does it mean to be a person? Degree of personhood is the status of how much a thing is a person depending on certain qualities. This theory concerns with matters such as citizenship, equality and liberty in our current society. In contemporary United States, the degree of personhood affects political policies concerning the mentally ill and access to firearms, or undocumented citizens and the access to health care. Degree of personhood allows to differentiate people between very similar terms, most people hold person and human as congruent, though this film makes subtle yet important remarks between them. Human is simply a denotation of a being from the homosepien-sepien animal kingdom. There are differences between a person and a human, person is not simply the denotation of a species but level of respect in society. The relation of one human to another in the film explores the fundamental composition of social discrimination. Everyone is born human, but through degree of personhood, one receives a level of respect in society. Humanity is approached through the degree of personhood philosophy, which is unknowingly accepted by society, and…

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