Summer Vacation Essay examples

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The summer i had was amazing. I did so many different things. I went to camp, went to USA, and went to the beach. I had so much fun. I just hope next summer is as exciting as this one.
First of all I went to my camp with tons of my friends. (name of camp) was so much fun! I spent money on ______ and me and my friends did so much different things. The only problem is that i had to wake up early. That was a bummer. Secondly i went to USA. I woke up early, and took a long bus ride. That wasnt that fun. But i went to really nice places. (list a couple places and explain part of it) Last, i went to the beach with my family. I got a great tan! I love just sitting in the sand and soaking up the sun. I relaxed and it was really fun spending it
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Cover to cover. Usually well before the deadline. I hated homework of read chapters one and two. I read books, like I later learned to drink beer. Fast until I finished. I couldn’t stop at the end of chapter two. I needed to know what happened like I needed another drink.
And I liked the excuse to read, at this stage I of felt like I needed one. Reading was kind of cool for a while. Me and Ramona Quimby were the best of friends in elementary school. I also went through a slightly embarrassing Babysitters Club phase, but am pleased to report that the Sweet Vally High Twins and I never clicked. Sometime in junior high those books seemed babyish, and replaced with talking on the phone, listening to music ( really bad music I might add) and learning how to French kiss. So when we got our reading lists every year I dug in.
So, back to the first week of English III. You already have most of the background, but what you don’t know is that I was more than a bit guarded. I didn’t like letting people in. Really in. Being vulnerable wasn’t exactly safe in my family and well not that safe for anyone in high school period. That being said I would have killed for our first writing assignment to be “what I did on my summer vacation”. Surely I would have written something amusing or satirical. I doubt I would have truly written about our beach vacation where more than likely my parents screamed at each other, I got 3rd degree burns and most of my family got drunk

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