Essay on Summary of 'Happiness: Enough Already'

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Tran Vo
Dr. E. L. Harris
English 1301
27 September 2014

Summary of Happiness: Enough Already by Sharon Begley Sharon Begley in “Happiness: Enough Already” argues that being extremely happy may be a goal of anybody but it also can be “the end of the drive for ever-greater heights of happiness” (455). Begley claims that “being happier is not always better” (455) and an excessive happiness may affect badly to people’s life. She points out that people who reach the highest level of happiness don’t feel motivated to move forward since they are already satisfied. The author goes on insists that happiness does not last long because “negative emotion evolved for a reason” (456). She presents many cases of famous people who experienced
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They go on claim that delay consumption promotes happiness in two ways that produce well-being and create uncertainty. Also, the authors state that “think about what you’re not thinking about” (445), “beware of comparison shopping” (446), and “follow the herd instead of your heart” (447) will make people feel happy as well. They then conclude that if money can’t buy

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