Summary : ' The Uprising Of Slaves ' St. Dominque ' Essay

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Inhuman Traffick In 1791, the uprising of slaves in St. Dominque inspired similar movements all over the world. The United States fought Great Britain a second time for independence. In South America centuries and old colonial empires began to unravel in Spain. The Revolutionary war subsided in 1815 in Europe. Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo helped prevent future outbreaks of revolution. Great Britain wanted to change after the war. In the 1780’s a powerful antislavery movement rose, which was led by Gransville Sharpe and Thomas Clarkson. The head powers of Great Britain decide to attack the Transatlantic Slave Trade first. Great Britain spokesman was named William Wilberforce. In 1808, he convinced the parliament to abolish the British Transatlantic Slave Trade. Britain also convinced the congress of Vienna to condemn the trade. They felt as if it was their duty to end the traffic. In 1817 the Netherlands, Portugal, and Spain was granted the power to search their ships. France complied with British powers and enacted series of strict laws between 1817 and 1827 to prevent its own nationals from participating in the slave trade. The United States constitution outlawed the slave trade in 1807, and made similar promises just as France. Enforcement wasn’t really strict so the contraband of slave trading continued. Mostly Southern cotton planters were in high demand for the slaves. Britain still implemented treaties with the Netherlands. Portugal, and Spain.
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