Summary : ' The Crispy Grass Of A Summer Morning With A Silky Picnic Blanket '

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The crispy grass of a summer afternoon over a silky picnic blanket. Mathew was there sitting and eating his favorite peanut and butter sandwich. What is better than eating his sandwich was his family together. Father was setting up a game of football while mother was trying to find that sunscreen that she has sworn to have put it in her utility bag earlier in the morning. Mathew’s older brother, Robert, cried out to his distressed mother, “Mom! Where is that power bank charger? I have to make a snap to Jessica as soon as possible!” Mother angrily replied, “Not now John!” It may be a dysfunctional family, but Mathew was happy knowing that the family was spending time together as many other families. Unlike Perry, he had a rough time throughout his life. From his childhood to the moment he went up those thirteen stairs where it ended his miserable life. How did it come up to that terrible moment that led Perry into climbing those thirteen stairs? There were various factors that led to how Perry ended losing his sanity and led to the Clutters’ murders. Perry’s relationship between family and friends affected his sanity and led to Clutters’ death. Firstly, Perry’s childhood was rough for him as he did not receive any affection. Perry had no love and caring when his parents started to argue. Eventually, Perry’s parents got divorced and his mother took him and his siblings to San Francisco, California. Perry’s mother became an alcoholic as she could not handle the stress. Soon,…

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