Summary : ' Snake Oil Salesmen ' Essay

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Snake Oil Salesmen Very little has reformed during the last few decades when reexamining the 1992 election race for the presidency. Sulking tempers, outbursts, and verbal abuse may have reached all-time highs between candidates; however, the promises made and ideas imposed by each elective have not budged an inch. During an in depth enquiry, Per the National Bureau of Economic Research, the major determinant for rioting in L.A was due to ethnic diversity while little evidence points to poverty in the community as a large cause (Glaeser 1). Media coverage of the riots would provide ample election exposure to the running nominees. It is this very same ethnic diversity that brings about the Black Lives Matter (BLM) activist movement in 2013, in response to the acquittal of George Zimmerman for shooting Tayvon Austin. The BLM movement is a chapter based national organization working for the validity of black life (Black Lives Matter org 1). The L.A. Riots of 1992 along with the Black Lives Matter movement currently associated with ethnic disparity have been key points of vote mongering among candidates. Let us review how those running for presidency sell safe concepts and fear for votes while manipulating emotions using these two strategic situations in their relevant moment in time.
On June 3, 1992, Bill Clinton was invited onto Arsenio Hall during a highly competitive race. He addressed how he visited South Central Los Angeles three years prior to his election run,…

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