Summary : ' Shadow Times ' Essay

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Shadow Times
32 days 14 hours 22 minutes
That’s how long it takes them to take over. First, you think it’s just dreams, then you start sleepwalking, when you aren’t asleep, but then the worst part is when you start doing the things you thought were nightmares, but not knowing that you did. This is the Shadow Times.
Tiona’s mother was worried about her when she refused to go to school. “Tiona, is somebody picking on you sweetie?” Tiona’s mom was sitting on her bed next to her stroking her morning head.
“No mom, I just don’t feel good,” she wasn’t technically lying, she didn’t feel good at all. The whispering voices had kept her up all night again. She was afraid of what this meant, but she was prepared to leave before they finally took over, she didn’t want to hurt her mother or her baby brother, Jeffrey. OH NO! What if baby Jeffrey got the same thing when he grew up! Tiona tried to stop thinking so doubtfully, but the idea wouldn’t leave her mind, she was right though Jeffrey could very well get the same thing.
“Honey, I can call into work if you want me to, maybe we can have a girls day and can lay around and watch movies!”
“uh, thanks mom, but seriously I’ll be fine. I guess I just need to catch up on sleep.” After a long hard battle Tiona finally won and her mom went to work, but she never saw Tiona again.
2 days 2 hours 0 minutes
“I am sick of you! I am sick of this relationship!” I was so done, Patrick and I have been fighting for weeks and I…

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