Essay Summary : ' See No Evil '

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In the chapter titled ‘See No Evil: Choosing Not to Look at the War in Vietnam’, Loewen’s main point is to look into how and why the Vietnam War has been ignored in modern day education, and how this has left our young students completely in the dark about the events of the Vietnam War. In order to this point, Loewen highlights the differences in coverage in textbooks of the Vietnam War in comparison to smaller wars, as well as how these textbooks represent or gloss over events that occurred during the war.
First off, Loewen supports his main idea that American students are actually quite unaware of events in recent history, due to these events being omitted or not heavily focused upon in our textbooks. Loewen says the last students to have any real memory of the Vietnam War graduated in the early 1980s, and the future generations have been left completely unaware of the history of the war. This is supported by the fact that when Loewen compares the amount of time dedicated to the War of 1812 and the Vietnam War in a sample of twelve textbooks. Despite the fact the War of 1812 took place much farther back in our history than the Vietnam War, this particular group of textbooks dedicated the same number of pages to both topics. Now, while many textbook authors may see the wars as equally important, Loewen argues that the authors seemed to really have no idea as to why they were dedicating so much time to the War of 1812, while the Vietnam War did not receive the same type of…

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