Summary Of ' The Soldier Draws Closer ' Essay

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The soldier draws closer. My feet plant themselves into the soggy ground, prepared to strike as soon as the soldier makes it to me. The breeze pulls at my hair, tugging at the curls glued together by ash and sweat. Something seems to pull me forward, as though driving me toward a clash.
I run toward the soldier with everything I have. He seems to be caught unawares and freezes as I run towards him. He looks at me, and at the last second ducks away before I can strike. He looks puzzled, but his training takes over, and he backs up. I turn, swinging the sword, unsure of how to handle it. He steps closer to Mother’s body, and I halt. He notices and turns to look at her body, smirking.
“You did this, you killed her!” I scream at him.
He looks up, his eyes filled with surprise. “My sword!” he shouts, as though he can’t believe I have it.
I raise it, ready to strike at him. The handle slides down a bit, and I struggle to keep a grip on it. The blood has already made the handle slip from my grasp as the metal continues to cut through my skin. I wave the sword above my head, hoping to make him move away from Mother. He’s too quick. Before I realize it, he has the sword in hand, and I’m on the ground.
He smiles, enjoying my easy defeat. He almost laughs, almost. He seems to realize what I had intended to do.
“You, would try to kill me?” He asks. “I am a soldier of Rome!”
He stands there over me, holding out his sword as though to dare me to try for it. I watch, as his eyes…

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