Summary Of The Relationship Of Plato's Republic By Badiou

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In Badiou’s translation of Plato’s Republic chapters, 4 and 5 discuss the disciplines of the mind and body. In chapter 4 Badiou discusses the philosophy of education; the importance of scientific, artistic, and literary disciplines of the mind. He mentions the significance of having the basics, music, and literature as the foundation of the mind. In chapter 5 Badiou discusses the disciplines of the body; the importance of nutrition, medicine, and physical education. He also emphasizes that a healthy soul will want a healthy body, fitness and healthy eating are important. The disciplines of the mind and body are intertwined with each other for a healthy soul and a spiritual mind.
Plato’s idea of the discipline of the mind is centered around
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Another important factor about what is to be educated in music. Before he begins speaking about the music he talks about poetry and the two basic factors there are in poetry: one the narrative of what is happening has happened or will happen. The other the style of narrative whether it is direct, indirect, or both. Socrates gives the examples to showcase each style by introducing Homer’s narration in the Illiad. In the narration of the poet it’s as if he is a witness, he is telling of what he has seen and heard; using an indirect style. Later on, the poet speaks as though he is Chryses using imitation, to want us to forget about the narrator and focus on the actual character. Imitation causes the leader to feel for the characters and make them feel real. When he begins to mention music he mentions the four basic components; the lyrics, melody, harmony, and rhythm. They agree that harmony and rhythm are technical issues and what matters the most are the melody and the lyrics as he states, “the melody must fit the lyrics. That's the tribute music pays to poetry.” Socrates then mentions the important types of music that should highlight; music that inspires courage and …show more content…
It lay the foundation of what are the disciplines the mind and body and talks about the significance they have on an early stage in educating the young. The basics for disciplining the mind are music, literature, and the art altogether. They provide a physical, emotional, and mental harmonious virtue. The discipline of the body emphasizes the role of physical education to a healthy body, fitness, and healthy foods are crucial for a healthier soul. The disciplines of the mind and body are intertwined with each other to achieve a healthy and spiritual

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