Essay on Summary Of The Poem ' The Night '

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It was a lovely Thursday morning. Jada was walking on the grounds in the backyard. It was so serene out here…peaceful. She needed this time right now. Although it was a lonely couple of days in this grand house, it felt good to relax. She plucked one of the flowers off the tree beside her. It was so pretty…a soft lavender. Jada sniffed it and smiled. It was the simple things in life. However, just as quickly as the flower made her smile she thought of the baby she lost and began to cry. When will she get past this awful pain she was feeling? Her hand went instinctively to her stomach and she looked down. Would I ever be able to carry a child?

These thoughts frightened her…How do I move forward?

Thursday morning Lance was outside doing some yard work when Rebecca came up beside him.

“Those flowers are so beautiful, Lance. You have done such a great job.”
He smiled and responded, “Thank you, sweetheart.”
She hugged him. “This vacation you’re on seems to be doing you a lot of good.”
He laughed at that. “Yes, there’s a lot to be done around here and I just want to do what I can.”
She kissed him on the bottom of his chin and said, “I’ll miss you Sunday.”
He laughed again, “I’ll be back on Tuesday. It’s a very short trip.”
“I know. I wished you were here on a more permanent basis.”
He nodded and replied, “Someday.”

Rebecca looked up at him and marveled at how handsome he was. He still had an awesome physique and he wasn’t hurting in the looks…

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