Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night Summary

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“Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night” by Dylan Thomas is a villanelle poem that consists of five stanzas with three lines and the last stanza with four lines. The first and third lines are alternating repeated in other stanza of this work. In this poem, the poet makes use of some descriptive language to show certain emotions and how it builds up the poet’s state of mind. This poem portrays the idea of fighting against odds and resisting the death which gives an insight into the mind of a person who is courageous and encourage his father to fight against death. The poet uses language to create an image of complete
In the first line of the first stanza, the poet seems to feel very xxx by directly proposing that one should not accept they fate
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The phrase “dark is right” suggested that the wise men knew that death is natural and inevitable. In the second line of the second stanza, the word “forked” suggested that when we used fork to dig some food, certain force must be applied. Besides, the word “lightning” brought a meaning that was attention as the flashes of lightning would gain the attention of all people as the lightning bolts can be seen. The phrase “forked no lighting” had the force of a symbol that their word had no give much impact to society. Their wisdom words did not cause any public concern. They failed to do a big change to the world. Although they knew that they would die one day but they still kept fighting against death until the day of death coming. They strongly believed that they were not deserved to be died so early until they could leave a big and significant impact to society successfully. The poet of this poem further reinforces the idea of fighting against death by describing the attitude of the wise man towards death. In order to encourage his father to fight against death, the poet had to be more positive in his thinking and being optimism so that he could always see the bright side and the hope. The whole stanza might imply that the poet would also like to use this example to encourage his father so that his father would stay strong and not to give up his …show more content…
The poet used “good men” to compare with his father. The first line of the third stanza, the phrase “last wave” indicated that the Perseverance and consistence were very important to the route of success. The repetition of the last line of third stanza stressed on the poet’s emotion again. The poet was urging his father not to surrender to death even though he had to go through all the pain and struggle. He was trying to plead his father and make him realize that how important that the idea of fighting against death. Perhaps the poet felt that he felt guilty as he was busy working and no much time to spend with his father. He was unable to报答父亲的养育之恩.

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