Live Is Fine Analysis

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The Poem “Live is Fine” by James Mercer Langston Hughes is very alike his other poems. However, this poem is not one of his most well-known works. This poem tells us a story about a male with a happy soul and his capacity of staying upbeat in the face of his own despair. It is musical and strong and its structure looks like the lyrics of a blues song. It contains six verses with different chorus at the end of each. To accentuate his message, Langston uses constantly repetition.
The author writes about going to the river to think, but he finds himself incapable of doing that. He decided to take his own life by submerging himself. But instead of drowning as a rock, he continues going back to the surface and starts yelling loudly. His body gets woken up by the freezing cold temperature of the water, stopping him from dying. It is on the first refrain where he describes the coldness of the water, framing a lively image of himself shaking and pushing out himself from the water over and over again.
The orator admits in the
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The orator at the end accepts that since he failed in killing himself he could just stay alive. He said sure, because he could have died for love but he says “for livin’ I was born.” The orator had discovered again his sense of purpose, since he was face to face with his death. He recognizes that he may never find peace from all the cruelty in life. Sometimes he might scream and cry out, but he has made the decision of carrying on and do not let his “baby” see him die. In the last chorus, is the title of the poem “Life is fine! Fine as wine! Life is fine!” He uses the theme persistence on this poem. He comprehends that it is difficult for his people and he uses a powerless personage, who many times thinks about giving up in life but can never do that. So, this means he still has a reason to live for. Since he was so near his death, the orator in the poem finds a new desire to

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