Summary Of ' The Necklace ' Essay

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Summary “The Necklace”

“She was one of those pretty and charming girls, into a family of clerks”. (176)

Married man both “prosperous and famous, a clerk in the Ministry of Eduaction “. (176)

She was ungrateful and unhappy as a woman who has come down on the world and oh how she can dream of priceless items , she couldn’t afford or have.

Madame Loisel had a well to do friend, a classmate of convent - school days whom she would no longer visit , because “she would feel distressed on returning home “. (177)

Her Husband did a thoughtful thing by getting her an invitation to an affair that maybe she would be thrilled about, but she proclaimed she didn’t have anything to wear and refused to go the ball.

He then offered to buy her a dress to please her knowing he was going to use that money to a buy a rifle , he sacrificed that money to get her a nice dress that would be affordable , but now she’s complaining about not having any jewelry to wear with that nice dress she just bought .

She went to visit Madame Forestier and asked her if she could borrow some of her jewelry for the ball she was attending , and she finally found a necklace to complete her final look.

The day of the ball arrived, Mme Loisel was the prettiest one there and boy she danced madly, wildly, and had the time of her life .

While leaving around four o’clock they climbed up wearily up to their apartment , and when she looking at…

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