Summary Of ' The Mermaid ' Essay

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He got a message this morning from his father that his brother Duncan would arrive in Durness to help with a Finfolk problem. Lord Murdock had sent a communication to the local Selkie’s of Durness. He stated the Finfolk had been sighted in the area and rumored to be looking for humans to make their spouses or slaves. The Finfolk are dangerous sea creatures who preyed on humans; male and female alike. They are the malevolent cousin to the Selkies. They were highly aggressive when they feel a fisherman or anyone else has entered their perceived territory. It has been said a female Finfolk start their life as beautiful mermaids. They always will prefer to have a human as a husband. If the mermaid takes a Finman to be her husband, they are doomed to become a hideously revolting Finwife. They get uglier each year as they age until they are a hag. Also, a marriage to a male Finfolk is most always unhappy as they are cruel and beat their wives and slaves. They have aggressive tactics when it comes to acquiring a spouse. The women use trickery to seduce unsuspecting human males. The male Finfolk hunt down human women and spirit them away from their family never to be seen again. These Finfolk are greedy creatures and can disguise themselves as other sea animals, plants or even floating clothes so that they may leap upon unsuspecting humans and seize them to use as spouses or slaves. The Finfolk have but one weakness, for silver coin and silver objects.…

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