Summary Of ' The ' I Am I Asked About Liliana 's Behavior ' Essay

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10. Chapter ten

"So, you wanted to talk to us about Liliana 's behaviour?" I asked, as we sat down. This time, Ms Park hadn 't deemed Liliana necessary for the meeting.

"Uh, yes" she said, shaking our hands, before sitting behind her desk. "Firstly, I 'd just like to apologise for how I 've been acting and how Chanel spoke to you during our last meeting. Now, I 've arranged for you to speak to the principal about how Liliana is acting, and how we can help her, because I feel that it would be a more professional way to deal with things."

"Is Mr Green still the principal here?" I asked, trying not to groan. If I had to speak to him, I would actually kill someone. When we enrolled Liliana into the school, it wasn 't necessary for us to speak to a principal due to our teaching history and we went straight to the administration office.

Ms Park 's mouth hung open. "How do you know who Mr Green is? He left five years ago."

I grinned. Thank god, he had left the school. I felt bad for two seconds. What if he had died? I mentally rolled my eyes at myself before talking. "Yeah, we used to work here, actually."

"But high school teaching" Blake put in. "Mason teaches English and History. And I just teach PDHPE."

"Oh okay, well I 'll just send you down to speak to Mrs Krushnic" she replied.

Mrs Krushnic was a lot sweeter and funnier than Ms Park. "Honestly, after hearing your story, I actually thought that your daughter was an absolute sweetheart. Standing up for something at this…

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