Essay on Summary Of ' The Great Gatsby ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Identifying information Celie is a 42 year old black African American woman. After carefully analyzing the dates and seasons provided, Celie was 14 years old, at the time of her adolescence when, her life started too filled with traumatic events, which caused her to need assistance. Celie lives in the rural Georgia, for most of the 1909 to 1937. She was uneducated, for most of her childhood, until her sister Nettie being to teach her from literature books. She never attended school or work. Her sister Nettie was a couple years younger, she attended school and some would describe her as prettier than Celie. They both lived with their step father, who they called “Paw”. For most of her life she believed he was her biological father but later found out that he was not. Her step father abused her on many occasions, which resulted in the client getting pregnant twice. She did not raise her children because they were taken from her after birth by her stepfather. The client also had a husband named, Albert, for most their marriage she referred to him as Mister. The client job was to, clean, cook and provide personal needs for her Paw and her husband Albert. Celie has no friends but God according to her, because she believes no one loves her or understand the abuse she is dealing with physically, emotionally and mentally. For example, Celie explained a time when she was physically abused by her husband. She was doing her step daughters hair, Celie said ‘’ Mister told…

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