Essay on Summary Of ' The Caging Of America '

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Prison and jail’s are ill equipped to deal with the ever growing number of mentally ill prisoners that society has shunned. Living in a 4X8 room day after day, week after week, and month after month takes a toll on even the healthiest of inmates. Stopping this form of torture is not up to the jails, police and courts, their hands are tied. These inmates need compassion and a way to deal with their demons that only first hand medical services can provide. Adam Gopnik a writer for the New Yorker and article author of “The Caging of America” argues and I agree “how is it that our civilization, which rejects hanging and flogging and disembowelling, came to believe that caging vast numbers of people for decades is acceptable humane sanctions?” (Gopnik, 3)
Sheriff Thomas J Dart declared that in 2014 “Chicago’s Cook County Jail was the states largest psychiatric hospital”. Dart goes on to say that the people who end up in jail are mainly charged with “crimes of survival” such as prostitution and trespassing (Glazer 244). Sheriff Dart proclaims, “they are for the most part good people who suffer from an illness beyond their control and simply need their government to have it’s priorities straight.” (Glazer, 244)
Unions representing prison guards defend the use of solitary confinement as necessary to keep inmates from harming themselves or others (Glazer 243). I agree that the use of solitary confinement should be used as a tool to keep inmates from harming themselves and others.…

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