Summary Of Sacramento 's Moving Waters Essay

2502 Words Apr 16th, 2015 11 Pages
Arina Ram
Dr. Munoz
ENGWR302 T/TH; 9:00
14 April 2015
Portfolio 2
City Council Member: Bill Kristoff
Issues in Sacramento’s Moving Waters When thinking of what the world would be like if no one cared of what happens to our water resources, it would be a bit frightening and worrisome. Just think of a world with, contaminated waters, flood risks and urban chemicals that are being dumped in the water. In our reality, that is our world and what is happening to our Sacramento water resources. As many issues that the Sacramento River has, there are just as many solutions. People like Ted Sommer, who works for the Department of Water Resources feels that changes are supposed to be urgent and that solutions can happen faster (Ted Sommer). Many would agree with him since the contamination and water quality is decreasing. Sacramento residents should help with water quality and supply, aquatic species reservations and land conservation so flood management is sustainable because the Sacramento River has issues with environmental habitats, and water management.
Water quality and supply are just one of the most important reasons why the Sacramento River has its issues. Without the quality, the other factors of the river are pointless. The Sacramento Basin says that based on the amount of mercury in the river, it is absorbed in the food chain. They state potential for aquatic life toxicity and domestic supply impacts resulting largely from agricultural chemical use in the Sacramento…

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