Summary Of Man's Search For Meaning

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Victor E. Frankl, the author of, "Man 's Search For Meaning", talks a great deal about suffering throughout the book. One of the main topics he discusses regarding suffering is that of hope. Without hope, there would be no point in anybody enduring the suffering that they encountered in the Nazi concentration camps. That suffering is life and that to survive suffering, one must find a means for the suffering. So, finding a reason for a person 's suffering will help that person to survive life. By accepting this as his fate, Frankl decided that his suffering was a part of life. It is hard to avoid unintentional suffering, but you can modify your attitude towards it and adapt to give suffering a meaning to you. I think the point he is trying to make is that a person can find the will to go on, even in the direst of circumstances, if only we can figure out what we are wanting to live for. I believe that there are different types of suffering and I do beleive that hope is helps us get through many ordeals. The example I have chosen to use is for the only real time I have ever had to suffer and that would be dealing with my deseased child. My first son was born prematurely with a condtion called Vacteral Syndrome. Thay have no idea what causes it …show more content…
He was four months and ten days old. I felt like my life was over and any meaning I had found in my life in the past four months was gone. I felt like killing myself. I had nothing to hope for, until I found out that I was pregnant with my second son four weeks later. Marshall is now seven years old and I find meaning with him every day. I feel that if I had not gone through what I did with Grayson, I would not value each day and strive for a brighter future. I could be mad and have a crappy attitude about how it 's not fair that my first son was taken from me, but that doesn 't help me acheieve goals or help me to be a good role model for my

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