Viktor Frankl's Man Search For Meaning

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Happiness is a feeling that can do so much in ones life, but Viktor Frankl did not experience happiness to help him gain inspiration to live through a hard situation he once lived through. Viktor Frankl felt he had to be strong to survive and even though happiness was not present during that time in his life, he believed it was a freedom no one could take away. With this element he was able to concur a very big obstacle like being captured by Nazis where he was taken to a concentration camp, and separated from his family. His family was also arrested and taken, and after nine years the camp where Victor Frankl was in, was finally liberated. He came out the camp in hope to see his family again, unfortunately that wasn't the case. His family had disappeared and he acknowledged that his family was dead. After four years he published a book, “Man Search for Meaning”. In this book he wrote about his nine years in concentration camp, and how he found true meaning in continuing to live. Viktor Frankl lived through an experience that no person would want to live and for that reason he writes with bravery, sadness, but also …show more content…
Although the story was not filled with happiness, it gave the writer the strength to share his story with all. The writer addressed more than one group, he addressed to who ever would read about his life. The writer wanted the reader to engage into his story and listen to his message and beliefs that kept him to survive. Life expects more, finding happiness is one of them. The story shared of Viktor Frankl can be what life or the world expected from him. To share how he strived to survive in the concentration camp. As Martin E.P. Seligman said, “you use your highest strengths and talents to belong to and serve something you believe is larger than the

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