Summary Of Gloria Steinem's Our Revolution Has Just Begun

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“Our Revolution Has Just Begun,” by Gloria Steinem in 2014, was a discouraging article. It was well-written, but alarming because of the inequality brought to attention. The amount of gender inequality in the world is shocking and disturbing, and needs to be changed. Many people think that feminism is only for women, but every gender can and should fight for equal rights. If more people become informed on current inequalities and issues between genders, a bigger movement can be made to move towards ending these problems. Gloria Steinem’s speech touches on the idea that feminism often has two misunderstood myths, but she gives examples of how people can be fighting for equal rights for every gender.
Steinem opens her speech by introducing two myths that are universally assumed about feminism. She states that feminism is only for white and middle class women. This myth is portrayed in multiple ways in the media. For example, the video “Connie Britton’s Hair Secret,” shows a white, middle class women promoting feminism. Throughout the entire clip, it is only these types of women showing feminism in a joking manner. In multiple other advertisements, white women are typically the people portrayed for feminism. This is obviously inaccurate, being that we learn from Dr. Schaal, and many others, that “women’s rights are human rights.” Furthermore,
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If you look at current issues such as the wage gap, stereotypes about “women’s work”, violence against women, and many other things, you see that there is a huge need for a gender rights movement. There are an unlimited amount of inequalities between men and women that need to be addressed and changed. Many young people think that they are too young to make a difference, or that women before them made big enough strides, and that this generation can sit back and relax, but that is a

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