Summary Of Fahmida Riaz's The Daughter Of Aia

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She argues that it is not fair if we just portray the post-colonial women as ignorant, poor and uneducated, oppressed, victimized, family oriented etc. to agree with Mohantay, it will not be untrue if we say that western feminism just talk about their own women. White women consider the third world women as the other which indicates their conservative thinking on the one side they are talking about women rights on the other had they are considering white women have right to live.Taliokng about Dr. Ritu Tyagi in his journal “Understand post-colonial feminism in relation with post-colonial and feminist” discussing the issue of Harem and veil and quoted Fatima Mernissie who argued that:
“there is an ideological divide in Muslim society between
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It shows that women are insecure in the male oriented society who consider themselves God and they used women only to fulfill their lust. Fatima who is Aai’s daughter was sexually harassed by someone and she was pregnant at that time all the women of village take the decision of abortion. Although it was only the issue of Fatima but every woman of the village stood with her, and that showed the post-colonial feminism support the spirit of sisterhood. But after some time she was pregnant again at that time everyone was disturbed and upset. The young wife of late Noor Muhammad heard about her, she takes Fatima into the luxurious place because she wanted the child with the help of whom she demanded her share in the property of her late husband. On the other hand when Fatima came back to the village she was presented as the Goddess and now everyone respects her and she became source of earning for her family. This story show that in the post-colonial time, men were considering women as a tool which helped them in the outside world and also perform their duties inside the house. As the writer says “women could not perform this important religious task”. (Riaz 33). Because they consider themselves superior and this concept of gender discrimination created a lot of problems in the society. The result of all this is nothing except the destruction. In such a society where women are not safe because men consider them a playful object as Ritu Tyagi says in his article “She (woman) has to resist the control of power not only as colonized object, but also as a woman.” (45). Woman has to show their power against a society where satisfied their lust with the helpless creature without the care of its consequences. In such a society the use of power for their rights is necessary because “power is also a major source of social discipline and conformity.” (Gaventa 2003:2). If

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