Summary Of ' Don 't Eat Yellow Snow ' Essay examples

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In sixteen years of life I’ve learned a number of things: don’t eat yellow snow, the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, and perfect families are a thing of fiction. The latter is quite possibly one of the most defining, and painful, lessons I’ve had to accept. Every family has their ups and downs, their love and hate for one another, their secrets. In truth, my family, now essentially only consisting of my parents, myself, and my dog, could be far worse. Yet it could be so much more than a three person unit.
I know little about Jessica Vick. The majority of my knowledge comes from stories I begged my mom to tell me or piecing together her little-used Facebook page. Thirty-some years ago, before I was even a fleeting thought in my father 's mind, he was busy raising another child. My father’s story is sadly fairly typical; his wife left with baby Jessica and he lost most ties with his daughter aside from summer break and the occasional long weekend. As she grew up, spending a summer in the middle of nowhere became a less appealing idea. Knowing my father, this created the tension that eventually led to the penultimate confrontation, and soon the little contact they had began to dwindle. Fast forward to late 1997 and that child, now a young adult, was pushed from his life for good. It seems everyone’s knowledge of what actually happened is hazy at best; all I know is she came for a surprise visit along with her mother, who my father hadn’t spoken to in ages and had…

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