David Goggins How To Make Yourself Immune To Pain Analysis

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How to make yourself immune to pain is a video in which David Goggins told his beliefs, his story, and the struggles he went through to get to where he is today. David Goggins is a very informative person who made me realize how much I can have happen and not only survive, but thrive through life. However, dwelling on those same things will not only hold me down, but pull me back. An example he used is that when he went to do a hundred-mile race, without the proper preparation. He had just Ritz crackers and a sports drink, he got to mile 70 and he could not go any farther. His feet were broken, he had shin splints, stress fractures, he was malnourished. All he could do was sit down and think about how upset he was that he might not be able to finish the race. …show more content…
I saw it more as wherever I am in my life I need to keep in mind that everything that happens in my life, whether it be positive or negative, if looked at the right way, it can give me a drive that is used to help me accomplish any obstacle that gets in my way. I found that this point was shown throughout the interview. However, it was best shown in the metaphor of the cookie jar. David said that as he goes through an adversity he just has all his memories in this cookie jar, and he will recall certain memories to help him, such as how he managed to get through 3 Hell Weeks. He finished that first hundred-mile race even with all the pain he had gone through. He dealt with living twenty miles from the KKK base being black. He had all of these adversities, but he never gave up, he is still here. If David is still here after going through all of this, if he can fight his way through all the challenges that life has thrown at him, and come out smiling, I can too. I have the capability to go through this depression, this want to smoke, this want to have things easily without trying, and I can push through this and come out a thousand times better than I did going

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