Summary Of Dalit Women In Choma's Drum '

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Dalit women are shown as passive silent sufferers and ignorant in the novels that deal with Dalit community. The women were socially discarded for a long period of time, the women were compelled to live a vulnerable life, be it any field like economic or education or even health and all other areas that fall under the basic needs of humans. In the total context country the status of the Dalit women was and still is the worst compared to others. In the novel Choma’s Drum, Choma had one daughter Belli and who was the only woman in the house. In order to pay off his debts he sent his daughter to work in the coffee estate Though the girl manages to get money but she was abused by the owner
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The most important part of a women is self respect but she lost it. She was sexually abused and harassed by the estate manager and the owner. She had to shut her mouth in order to get money and pay the debts. Her life was completely destroyed and she suffered a lot. Being a woman was like a punishment to her. After the loss of the family members when Choma returned home and finds his daughter in objectionable position with the estate manager, he is completely broken and throws the girl out of the house and starts beating his drum and dies.
This story gives a clear picture of what Indian Dalit woman confronts in her day to day life. The Dalit women are discarded and pushed away in the name of their caste and creed. They are not left with much choice of occupation but to become scavengers in the upper-caste houses, sweepers the Bai’s or maid servants or given into body trade or prostitution for the sake of their livelihood. In the novel The White Tiger, Balram's mother died when he was very
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Both live in the house of the Stork with ten-foot high walls and a cage of iron grilles around each window. Besides she likes to play badminton and wearing dark glasses. Moreover she doesn't leave her room so often. Mr Ashok and Pinky Madame had married in America and she calls him lovely Ashoky. In the novel you get to know Pinky Madame doesn't like India and she asks Mr Ashok very often when they will move back to America. Besides she is very unfriendly to Balram. Everytime she sits in the car Balram drives she jokes about him. In the novel there is one situation where she is drunken but she drives the car and hits a child. After this she is very shocked and feels terrible after hitting the child and she wants to find the family of the child to give them compensation. A little bit later Pinky Madame drives to the airport and flees. At the end she splits up with Mr Ashok also because they've been fighting a

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