Summary : ' Dead ' Essay

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Dead. This man is dead. Jdimytai Damour was killed on Black Friday, 2008, at a local Walmart in New York by being trampled. Crazy, deal seeking mothers and fathers did not stop cramming into the doors so their child could have the latest trending toy that would be out of style in three months. They just watched as a man died before their eyes. When did we start being more interested in the stuff we want then in the stuff we need? As years go by, people are losing interest in sentimental and valuable things and wanting the newest object on the market. But how long will that new object last before you are buying the next one in line? Television advertisements, magazines, family, and friends also make it impossible not to hear about the next new thing. Sometimes people feel like they need to be better than others, so they get the most expensive stuff to one up them. We are become slaves from the obsession with the things this world says makes us happy. Perhaps you need to think twice before buying the “stuff” you desire, and put your time and energy into your families and helping others.
Thinking Twice about Stuff Stuff, everybody loves to use that word to describe just about anything, “Hey, hand me that stuff on the counter” or “Look at all that stuff on your shirt”. But, what exactly is “stuff”? “The material of which anything is made” (, “material to be worked upon or to be used in making something” (, “material of some unspecified kind”…

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