Philip Ziegler's The Black Death

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Philip Ziegler’s The Black Death was a human disaster of the fourteenth century. Ziegler wrote the book in 1969. He discusses how the black plague traveled and how much destruction it caused. The plague outbreak took place during the 1340’s. It became a pandemic that spread out all over England. He focused mostly on the plague in England throughout the book. He connected how the plague spread from there to other country’s villages. The book was a way for Ziegler to inform people of the mass effects the plague caused and the sadness it brought from the outbreaks.
Ziegler started out talking about the outbreak in England. It became very chaotic there and the disease did not waste any time spreading. It expanded using all of its trade routes. He explained it then traveled to Sicily by ships and from there it broke out all over Italy. Italy took the plague to France in a very short period of time and then carried it east into Germany.
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In one of the chapters, Ziegler talks about two fictional villages, but uses the dramatics and details from the actual plague in England. He wanted to let the readers have a sense of what was going on over there and what the people were going through. As they read the chapters, he wanted them to put themselves in a medieval village and know what it would be like to have something so devastating as the plague happen. He went into exact detail of what the plague would do to people. “In men and women alike it first betrayed itself by the emergence of certain tumors in the groin or under the armpit, some of which grew as large as common apples, others as eggs” (Ziegler 18). He explained the bacteria would stay with a person for days on in and they would keep repeating each

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