Summary And Response Essay : Prosocial Behavior

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Sundos Al- Rashdi
Summary and Response Essay

According to “Prosocial Behavior” (2014), people will decide with whom they want to be friends over some factors that help them build relationships with others. Proximity and similarity are the most common factors that people rely on to build relationships. People usually make friends with surrounding people. However, they do not build the relationship with all people, they see every day. They often tend to people who are similar and have the same interest, the background, and behaviors. When two friends have the same background and behaviors, they will feel comfortable to share their secrets together. Attraction is another factor that helps people choose a friend or lover. There are some features in women and men that people considered them attractive in terms of physical and social attributes such as wider eyes, skinny tall, and friendly in women; tall, wide shoulders, and have leadership features for men. In addition, Sternberg’s triangular theory of love states that intimacy, passion, and commitment are the most important items of love. Sternberg states that consummate love is the most healthy relationship because it includes all the items of love. However, there are 6 more aspects of love, and they depend on having or missing one or two from the three items. For instance, Family and close friends love contain from intimacy and commitment only.
Moreover, social exchange theory explained what make people maintain, or end the…

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