Summary : African Slave Trade Essay

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The website featured on PBS, “Africans in America” gives an inside look into the terrible transformation of North America. After reading part one, I learned a great deal of new information. Part one included readings about the start of British Colonies, slave trading, racial slavery, and slave ships involved with the crossing. British colonies were forming and section one, “Map: The British Colonies,” shows an overview of how colonies first came about. The first settlement was founded in Jamestown, Virginia in 1607 and many colonies were settling all along the eastern seaboard. While reading, I learned during this time the control over the captive population became a huge issue for all white rebellions. One thing I found very helpful and really loved on this section was the map presented on the side. Having this small map helped me understand and see where all the British colonies were located. European slave trading goes back about fifty years before Christopher Columbus made his first voyage, “Europeans Come to Western Africa” informed me on what was going on with slave trading at the time. In this section I learned slave trading actually first started with the people of Portugal. A Portuguese patron named Prince Henry was the first European slave trader. Prince Henry had the goal to start bringing in riches to Portugal and also expand the European geographic knowledge. I enjoyed learning about how slave trading first began and also when it eventually ended. Forty…

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