Essay about Suicide : Suicide And Suicide

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What is suicide? Who does suicide affect? Haven’t we all at sometime in our life wondered what people would do if we were not there? The suicide stigma haunts many individuals of our society-- having suicidal thoughts; to seeing a loved one take their life early; to following through with a suicide attempt ourselves. I think the old saying that one life lost to suicide is one life too many is very insightful. As you can see, suicide affects everyone; however, I challenge you to have a deeper understanding of the rise of US Armed Forces suicide during our times of war. Are our Veterans at an increased risk of suicide or are they receiving the proper support and care to rule suicide out as an option?

As the 10th leading cause of death in the US, suicide has taken the life of 42,773 Americans in 2014, averaging 117 suicides daily. In 2014, 20 Veterans lost their lives to suicide annually, accounting for 18 percent of all suicides. (Office of Suicide Prevention, 2016) Though it may not seem like much, 18 percent of the total population is large when comparing that military personnel make up less than one percent of the total US population. (Hurt, A., Ryan, E., Straley, J., 2011) Our public health issue to contain is reducing the number of Veteran suicides.

Currently, the Veterans Administration and its counterparts have inspired a VA-led call to action to prevent Veteran suicide. Slowly the VA’s efforts, as well as their cohorts, are attempting to alleviate some of the…

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