Suicide Research Paper

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Why do people do the things they do? Is it all by rational decision-making or spontaneous actions? If you were given an option to end your life most people would say no, but that’s because the ones that say yes are not here right now. In the great depression a lot of men committed suicide due to the fact they lost their jobs and couldn’t provide for their families. Being over whelmed and stressed can lead anyone to do whatever it takes to make it right. Your genetics can also be a factor in your decision-making.

No one has a choice in weather or not to live but you can choose to end your life. Not a lot of people would think of this decision but those are the lucky ones. I tried to commit suicide after 17 years of living and just thought
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The most constant question everyone asked me when I was going to the hospital was why did you do it? The same question everyone kept asking me was the same question I kept asking myself. There a lot of reasons for why I did what I did but I think the main reason was to stop the pain I was feeling day to day. As a kid you don’t really understand the things that go on around you and just do what you are told. I was very lonely ever since I was a kid I never had a friend and no real guidance in life. My dad work 24/7 to provide a good life but what’s the point having everything without anyone to share it with. So I never really understood anything when growing up why I felt so lonely and scared all the time. I was always quiet and minded my own business. I got bullied all the way up till junior year to the point where I was beaten so bad I couldn’t barley breath and bruised till I was bleeding on my birthday. There’s a whole list of things I could name that could contribute to my sadness but the one main reason to why I tried to end my life was my lack of hope. The hope that things would change and that life would get better. Seeing all the terrible things that happen to people and all around the world I have no hope the future. I didn’t want to go day to day thinking .about that with till the day I die I rather just end it all …show more content…
After you try and take your own life your life does a complete turnaround. My family never looked at me the same again like they didn’t know who their child was anymore. I was put as inpatient for a week in confinement where you can’t be exposed to the outside world, anything sharp, or anyone around you. After you are analyzed for a week they put you on medication and counseling. I went back home and everything had changed they treated me like a child a again I couldn’t do anything without being watched. When I went back to school most people didn’t notice I was gone but for a few and asked where I had gone. I actually fell off the face of the earth for a week with no connection most of my close friends thought I was dead. My teachers became nicer to me but I believe it was just out of pity from knowing where I just came from. Just like my teachers I believed everyone just felt bad for me because everyone didn’t look at me or treat me the same after. I felt even worse than I did before. The cut scares left behind didn’t help either when I wore short sleeves people could see them clearly and got scared. No one really understood they just stared in a scared glaze. Just like my teachers I believed everyone just felt bad for me because everyone didn’t look at me or treat me the same after. I felt even worse than I did

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