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Introduction : Siegfried Sassoon’s poem, Suicide in the trenches, successfully demonstrates conflict during a world war through its form, meaning and structure. a STEP-UP analysis clearly reveals the conflict conveyed in this poem.

Subject matter: the poem is about the depression of a young soldier. The depression of this young soldier before he commits suicide is clearly displayed in the poem. At the start of the poem, the image of a happy, young, and perhaps rather naïve boy is placed before us;
‘Simple’ tells us that he is innocent, perhaps rather naïve, and doesn’t understand the concept of war.
‘Grinned at life in empty joy’ suggests to us that he was pleased by anything, a happy young man. He was young and had no worries
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This poem is about how people think war is glory and such but is really so horrible that the mind cannot deal with it. Propaganda vs. reality? War breeds hopelessness? War kills youth and laughter and humans.

Emotions: This poem expresses pity, sorrow, misery. The man who saw the scene, the suicide is experiencing these feelings. And the poem is written by this point of view. Therefore, the person who is experiencing these feelings is us. Writing the poem slow, with the fist stanza before the suicide, the second stanza, the suicide and the third stanza after this tragic event convey the feelings of the poet.
This poem is very good at explaining how war changed the soldiers who went to fight; this is shown in the second stanza, when the soldier whom the poem is based on has changed from ‘rising with the early lark’ to ‘cowed and glum’. This change also shows how many men were driven to suicide; they would rather ‘put a bullet through their brain’ than carry on; this shows the awful reality of life in the trenches. And that is very concerning

Poetic techniques: This poem is a lyric which contains of three stanzas each containing four lines. This is written in rhyming couplets, the style of the poem seems very simple and song-like. There is a change in mood where the first stanza talks about the despair when he is in the trenches. In the third stanza we move to the poet’s anger about the way that people at home feel

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