Suicide, Addiction, And Homelessness Essay

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A crisis provides a trauma or catastrophe that can be used to either grow or degenerate. A crisis is often thought of as something that happens unexpectedly like a tornado or a hurricane and while a crisis can be unexpected, a crisis can range in its levels of severity from personal to national. The crisis can be a part of someone’s life cycle as well. During a crisis the counselor provides awareness to resources, coping skills, and predominantly calculate safely for those involved in the crisis. This paper will demonstrate and explore the crisis suicide, addiction, and homelessness, by way of assessments and interventions.
Suicide is often one of the most difficult of traumas to overcome because there was a choice and the person made the choice to no longer be alive. Many do not really want to die, but want to end the seemly endless pain they are feeling. They may feel hopeless and helpless in solving a particular problem and a personal failure in being unable to take the steps to solve their problem. A suicide often leaves unanswered questions and feelings of guilt. Many people have thoughts from time to time of death, but those thoughts become dangerous when they are reoccurring and a plan is made. The focus in this segment will be when a spouse has committed suicide and the after math of the suicide. Couples have a relationship dynamic like no other that often times requires work to be healthy, happy, and functional. In relationships there is often “a process…

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