Substance Abuse Is A Huge Deal Essay

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Drug Addiction can affect anyone of any age at any time. Drugs come in many forms and can be ingested in different ways. While different drugs may have different effects on the mind and brain one common factor is the continued use even after problems arise in the abusers personal life. Substance abuse does not only affect the person abusing the drug, but also those around the person, especially family and friends. These people are the ones that tend to either perpetuate the problem or help to prevent the problem from continuing. Substance abuse is a huge deal not only because of the harm that it brings to the abuser and his family, but also because of the amount of money that our nation, alone, spends on the cost of drug addiction. We spend about $700 billion annually due to crime, healthcare and loss of work productivity all stemming from the problem of substance abuse. There are many schools of thought when it comes to how substance abuse develops. The first model is called the Temperance model which states that the problem is the strength and destructive power of the substance itself. Temperance advocates believe that the best way to treat drug addiction is through abstinence. An example of the temperance model in action would be US prohibition or even the heavy taxation on cigarettes that we see in some places today. The temperance model believes that societies have obligations to protect their citizens from the dangers of different substances. Another model of…

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