Essay on Substance Abuse Counselor With Guidelines

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The foundation format, provided for the professional to become state licensed or certified fosters, with the understanding of practices and the scope as a substance abuse counselor with guidelines. First, we must review, define, and analyze “the Scopes of Practice developed by the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB)”, which defines a Scope of Practice as follows:

 “ Defined as rules, regulations, and the boundaries within which a fully qualified practitioner; with substantial and appropriate training, knowledge, and experience practicing in a field of medicine, surgery, or other specifically defined field; and practices governed by and required with continued education and professional accountability mandated by governing regulations” (Scopes of Practice & Career Ladder for Substance Use Disorder Counseling, 2014).

By the same token, this preamble is the ACA bible guideline requirements for state licensing or certificate as a substance abuse counselor, within the state, he/she will counsel. Upon graduation, a prerequisite of requirements completed in order for the counselor to practice and work in their state. In order to become state licensed and certified as a member of the American Counseling Association (ACA), one must follow through with an ethical code of conduct. The ACA requires the professional to complete a credential process, costs, and requirements specific to the state providing professional counseling by protecting the client, counselor, and…

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