Mental Health Agency: Rehabilitation Services

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Mental Health Agency- Rehabilitation Service
For my informed consent I decided to pick a mental health agency that is primarily focused on rehabilitation services in the behavioral health system. The setting for this agency runs along an outpatient facility acquiring young and old adults, who need assistance and or treatment for mental and substance abuse disorders. The primary function of the rehabilitation service is to maintain health of the individuals along with additionally providing environmental health services, and preventive medical services, in certain instances. An informed consent will be enforced for each individual patient who wishes to use the facility, in effort to create a pure understanding of the rehabilitation
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• If a counselor has a reason to suspect any child or elderly abuse in which they have to report to appropriate agencies.
• If you are refereed by the court or are involved with any litigation.
• If you are under the age of fourteen your legal guardians must sign your consent to release for counseling. The legal guardian can also request for information in the counseling session to be shared. However you must remember that the professional relationship that is built upon the client and counselor is extremely important, and the counselor must legally and ethically imply their morals when releasing information to a guardian upon request.
• If you have been referred to any hospitals or any other facilities for mental health evaluation.
Must remember as a client you also have the right to access your information, records and any participation in ongoing counseling
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For more information on coverage and your specific health care you can visit If an individual cannot afford therapy sessions a licensed professional counselor along with a professional attorney will make a legal contract ensuring your benefits along with following payment procedures. Same process goes for individuals who do not pay for their coverage, and actions will be enforced.
Continuation of service: Our facility is to empower clients, striving for independence and overall happiness. Counselors must inform clients on how many sessions are available along with appropriate ending procedures. If a counselor cannot provide full services to a client necessary arrangements will be held to ensure the client gets full coverage and help.
Technology: Technology in the work place is highly confidential and is recommended for certain services. However only under the clients consent the technology may be in use. Counselors must inform clients if they wish to procedure in any technology use and clients have the full right to see any videotapes and or other technologies that may have be

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