Essay on Substance Abuse By Fisher And Harrison

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Substance Abuse by Fisher and Harrison, chapter 6:
This chapter began with explaining the definition of use, misuse, abuse, and dependence which is very important to know since it helps mental health professionals in determining the appropriate intervention for each client. I feel this topic must be explained in a chapter alone because I also belong to a religious group and I know how these terms are confused. This chapter also focused on the assessment which is important for all mental health professionals not only to gather information, but also to avoid misdiagnosing client problems. The critical part of the assessment process is the psychosocial history which involves various areas that need to be assessed: AOD use history, family history, social history, legal history, educational history, occupational history, and medical history. The text also emphasized on the signs and symptoms of adolescent substance abuse which are important to determine the possible existence of AOD problem. However, before making any judgment the counselor have to understand the adolescent development to know what is normal and what is not besides examining the psychosocial history domains. Various instruments are also discussed as tools to measure AOD as well as helping the counselor when making diagnostic decisions. This chapter provided very useful ways that could be utilized for gathering information.
Origins of Addiction:
This video discussed the evolution (history) of the brain, how…

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