Essay on Submission to Local Network Cib

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ASSESMENT 2 – Report
By Brenda Widjaja

Director, Corporate Communications South Africa
Mandela Rhodes Place
Cnr Wale Burg Street
Cape Town
South Africa

April 23, 2012

Mrs. Grace
Executive of the Local Network
3rd Floor, MPF House
32 Princess of Wales Terrace
Sunnyside Office Park
Park town

Dear Mrs. Anne Marie Gutierrez, Executive of the Local Network
Submission to Johannesburg the Local Network of South Africa
This proposal is presented to the local network of South Africa in order to against human rights and environment cases. According to the United Global Compact, HSBC strives to encourage the changes of human rights and environmental cases to the better side. HSBC is supporting to the first of
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Starving is one of the major cases that happened in South Africa. Many children are suffering because they do not have enough nutrition. They have lack of attention of government who supposed to protect them. This condition can also affect to the amount of population growth. It also can be linked to against the human rights because as the law of the human rights, human deserve to live in decent. By focus on that case, in the state of South Africa there are many malnutrition cases caused by hunger problem, therefore HSBC plans to make a donation program in cooperation with related associations and sponsors.
Specific to solve the problem, there is a way that may be taken by HSBC is working with the existing restaurants such as Pizza hut and Mc. Donald to donate by giving a donation box that can be filled by volunteer. Secondly, Pizza hut and Mc. Donald will also donate a healthy foods but it is not fast food. This program is called “Distributing a Good Service, Achieving Good Resources”. In order to encourages and make these happen, HSBC will donate 1% of their profit. These programs are conducted to reduce the number of malnutrition and improve the responsibility of the society. There are three stakeholders that will receive the benefits. Some of the benefits that the government gain are decreasing the number of death and economic cases. For the company itself, they will get good well because they have helped for charity cases. For the

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