Odysseus: An Honorable Leader In The Odyssey

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What is the most important quality of an honorable leader? In The Odyssey, Odysseus is looked upon as an admirable leader for his accomplishment. While reading this epic, the majority people can notice some characteristics that a leader needs to possess. Odysseus shows multiple positive character traits, but the most important one is persistence. Persistence is the main factor of telling a good leader from a bad one because without it you have no way of solving any solution. Odysseus’s most essential leadership quality is persistence. Odysseus makes such a respectable leader due to his persistence.
Someone might disagree, and think that confidence, honesty or some is a more relevant quality. If you look at where Odysseus is at the end of the
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In this epic no leader is successful without having to endure pain. One example, when Odysseus has to pass Skylla and sacrifice six of his men in order to pass (9.331-335), Odysseus is showing his persistence to stay positive during the rough times. Another example, when Odysseus loses six of his men to Polyphemus (9.366-367). Odysseus knows, especially well how to be positive when times are rough.
Another person who shows persistence in The Odyssey is Telemachus. Telemachus displays a sense of persistence when he is looking for his father. Telemachus searches several far away places like Sparta and Pylos to try to find his father, who he has never met (2.50-58). Then, after searching for numberless months, Telemakus comes home and still waits for his father. Telemakus still shows persistence when he arrives back home to Ithaka because he still believes his father is alive.
In conclusion, Odysseus is a favorable leader because his characteristics of will and perseverance match those that are necessary to be one. It is clear that persistence is the superior leadership trait due to Odysseus’s success. There are numerous leaders in The Odyssey like Telemachus and Odysseus. None of which are as persistent as them, making them superior

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