Subjective or Objective Morality on Campus Essay

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Subjective or Objective Morality on Campus


The question of morality is objective or subjective has been arguing for centuries. People who hold different perspectives stand on different sides. In this paper, I will exam this issue with my own finding in a University in China. I found lots of college students show lots misbehavior and poor in-class performance on campus in the University I teach. Students show misbehavior such as put trash in the wrong place, smoke in public area, drink alcohol in dorm, physical fighting, and etc. Student show poor in-class activity such as lose attention to their instructor, playing phone during class time, in-class chatting, sleeping, reading (non-course
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Objective truth is correspondence of what is real. For example, the earth is sphere is reality, regardless the ancient people believe it’s flat. If subjective true existent, the earth may be sphere when people believe it’s sphere, or may be flat, when people think it is.
Guangxi University of Foreign Language (GUFL) house approximately 10,000 students come from Chinese nation and Southeast Asia. These are 9 colleges in GUFL campus. A questionnaire passed to students who study in Business College, and an informal interview randomly conducted on the whole campus. All participants were the students who studied Marketing Management course with me in academic year spring 2013. An anonymous quantitative questionnaire was designed for this study distributed at the midterm of the course. Of the 400 questionnaires, I passed out, 203 questionnaires return. 10 students participated the informal interview,which conduct in a restaurant and after class activity.
The Result of Questionnaire
The findings indicated that the most students had a positive attitude in this questionnaire. The result surprised me. Of the 203 returned questionnaires, 58 students have religion, and the rest (145) of them has no religion. The most student have religions believed in Buddhism, the second large group believe in other religion, Taoism rank the third, and Christian rank the fourth. None of the student believes in Catholic and Islam. The

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