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Within any speech community , there are degrees of language variation. The geographical location of an individual; their socio-economic background; their education and even their gender are all significant factors in language variation.

Individuals differ in the manner in which they speak their native tongue, although usually not markedly within a small area. These variations in language constitutes its dialects. All languages are continuously changing but if there is a common change it has never been convincingly described. Various factors especially the use of written language have led to the development of a standard language
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For example the marathi spoken by the people living in slums is different from the marathi spoken by Brahmins in particular area.
In Britain a social class is more important than geography as a detrminant of speech. The language variation is mostly found among people belonging to different social strata of society. For example who have passed through the public school system have no regional characteristics in their speech. However regional characteristics have stamped the speech of people who belong to lower social classes. Social dialects make distinction between the two terms – Dialects and Accent. Accent refers to pronounciation and dialect refers to every aspect of language including pronounciation.
Individual Variation
Idiolects are the persnal variety of a language . It may be called an individual dialect of a person. Every person has his own voice and manner of speaking his language different from others. That is why we can identify the speaker only from his voice. We fail to understand the person only frpom his way of speaking nly when two persons happen to speak similarly. Thus idiolect is an individual variety of language. It is caused b some unexplainable natural or habitual reasons.
The study of stylistic variation and registers is based on the observation that language variation depends not only on the social and geographic origin , position and trajectories of the speaker but it also varies according to the activity in

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