Studying Literature in Grade 12 Essay

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The Importance of Canadian Literature
Even though there are many excellent writers in every culture, it is important that grade 12 students taking university levelled English should primarily study material covered by Canadian authors. Grade 12 Ontario students are becoming less familiar with writers that are from Canada. By having graduating Ontario students read only literature written by Canadian authors, they will get the opportunity to focus on Canadian culture, the age that the novels are studied, and the lack of multiculturalism shown in the works. It is clear that there needs to be change in the Canadian schooling curriculum to educate graduating students.
Graduating students taking English in Ontario should
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Margaret Atwood comments that Canadians have issues establishing their identity. In discussing Canadian writers, she argues that Canada as a state of mind does not really exist: “I 'm talking about Canada as a state of mind, as the space you inhabit not just with your body but with your head. It 's that kind of space in which we find ourselves lost." 4. Students are recommended to read more multicultural books so that they can connect with their own

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