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Midterm Study Guide

1. Ideal world vs. real world according to Badaracco. a. Ideal world: i. You believe in the mission of the organization ii. You are committed to your professional responsibilities iii. Your work world and personal values are aligned and you are fueled with intensity and passion. b. Real world: iv. It’s tough to sustain commitment (take a vacation) v. Self-interest sometimes takes over (reflect, renew, etc.) vi. Right vs. Right dilemmas (Weeks 9 and 10) vii. Right vs. Wrong dilemmas (Hirschman’s 3-option model)

2. The study of ethics (foundational underpinnings of the course and topic) This is hard to itemize without giving
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Sometimes we have no creative ethical choice at work, but we can exercise courage to choose the pathway that stretches our capacity for personal and interpersonal growth 5. We can transform the situation for higher-level and longer-term rewards 6. We always have a choice: If the ethical environment conflicts with our beliefs, we can avoid the situation by simply going elsewhere (quitting). a. Or we can step forward to craft transformative solutions for more fulfilling lives

10. Howard and Korver’s decision analysis model and hybrid model presented in class

. Howard and Korver: xxiii. Clarify 7. Use value neutral language 8. Separate prudential, legal and ethical issues 9. Frame the questions in terms of relationships (stakeholders) xxiv. Create alternatives: ID acceptable, appealing and possibly transformative options 10. Consider three degrees of response: refrain/comply, elevate or transform xxv. Evaluate the alternatives: ID the alternatives that are ethical and defensible 11. Evaluate alternatives using your personal code or an ethical role model 12. Test for reciprocity (Would you want this done to you?) 13. Test for universality (Would you want everyone doing this?) . Examine the Issue xxvi. Separate prudential, legal and ethical issues (look for conflicts of

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