Students With A Professionalism Redirect Or Talk At The Parents

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Absolutely, one of the other things that you mentioned in your survey was something about encouraging the student with a professionalism redirect or talk to the parents. Can you tell me a little bit about that?

Rich: Parent communication, to me, has always been huge and I laugh at them now because I have a stack of 25 years ' worth of newsletters that went home to parents on a Commodore computer. We had to put in a floppy disc and type something and you pull it out and put it in to save another one. It took me an hour and a half every week to do it, but it was important enough to me to communicate to parents. Now it 's an email and it goes out quickly to the parents.

But, the communication is important, and I tell them the reward from that is when a parent walks in and says, you must be because and they tell you about something their kids came home and talked to them about. Reflecting at the end of the day; it’s the end of the day boys and girls, let go over those things we did today so tonight at dinner when mom and dad say what did you do at school today, your response isn 't nothing or I don’t know, you tell them something.

Even if it 's that we had a spelling test today and I got 18 out of 20, where I usually only get 16 out of 20. You want them to walk out reflecting on something to go home to mom and dad. Selfishly, I want mom and dad on my side with those kids to support those kids in everything they can. Even more selfishly, I want them saying that…

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