Students ' Characteristics And Teacher Child Relationships Essay

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I want to first define what a characteristic is, Merriam-Webster says a characteristic is “a special quality or trait that makes a person, thing, or group different from others”, so all students characteristics are different. Some students may have characteristics that help them as learners in a classroom and some may have characteristics that hurt them as learners in a classroom. It is vitally important for a teacher to learn what these characteristics are in order to make learning happen for all the students in their class. In the article Students’ characteristics and teacher–child relationships in instruction: A meta-analysis, according to Nurmi (2012) “student characteristics may evoke various responses from teachers” (p. 179), so to me this is saying that the students characteristics could possible have as much of a negative effect on the teacher and how they teach as could a positive one. I feel this is a very good point, I have two sons and the behavior and characteristics that we promote at home are also expressed in their class work at school. In my opinion and from what I have observed with many families that if there is certain expectations at home, they are also expected at school. According to Fisher & Frey (2012) they talk about the components of learning and say in their work that “A Study of Thinking (Bruner, Goodnow, & Austin, 1956) led the way for exploration of what happens inside the minds of learners and how they organize and use information” (p.…

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