Essay on Student Should Be Recognized As An Individual Mind

832 Words Nov 4th, 2014 4 Pages
Students are constantly asked, “what did you learn today” and most do not know how to answer that question. Did you really learn anything if you only remember half of the material that was taught? Every child learns better in different ways. Is it fair to expect them all to retain information expressed verbally by teachers? Each student should be recognized as an individual mind. Many things affect the amount of knowledge a student retains including the location they study, how they are studying, and what type of learning style suits them best. Did you know that your favorite nook of your house is not always the best place to study everyday? Distractions are always a main reason why while we are “studying”, we are actually focused on little things we did not even know were distracting us. Studies from 1878 psychologists show that students who study in the same cluttered room or busy library did worse on tests than students who studied in windowless, bland, and new locations throughout the course of one study topic. We connect what we are learning to the things around us such as the trees we see or the music we are hearing in the background. Some students think that they can handle distractions, but their test results show otherwise. Not only will changing locations help you focus better, changing study topics in one study period affects what you retain too. The brain remembers more if you switch between subjects, such as history and english. Although the two…

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